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Shanghai WOGE Gas Equipment CO.,Ltd

     Shanghai WOGE Gas Equipment CO.,Ltd,The number of professional gas and gas equipment company to form a new form. Have is a wealth of experience and professionalism of the gas and gas equipment supplier.
  Many companies hire senior technical personnel at home and abroad, formed a high-quality workforce and the importance of literacy and vocational skills of staff training, for all products using advanced inspection means, strict management system to ensure that the interests of its clients to ensure quality.

     Major companies that produce and operate all types of industrial gases, high-purity gas, mixed gases, liquefied gas, gas, pipeline and sophisticated electronic control system assembly, petroleum, chemicals and cleaning ships pipeline project, gas ancillary equipment and related technical services. In 2006 the company reached with the Shanghai TOMOE agency business, upgrade product quality and service quality. With 163 T / D oxygen, nitrogen liquefaction equipment set, producing liquid oxygen LOX) and 34,000 tons of liquid nitrogen (LIN) 20,000 tons. And with 1,000 cubic meters of liquid oxygen storage capacity and 500 cubic meters of liquid nitrogen storage capacity. Modernization is a low-temperature liquid gas professional enterprises.

Enterprise purposes: seeking truth and being pragmatic, quality first, service supremacy.
Dedicated to all customers with high-quality products and services.

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